Jul 26, 2016

Guard and Grace Restaurant & Steakhouse
Denver, CO, USA

Guard and Grace Restaurant & Steakhouse - Denver, CO, USA

The wide area network (WAN) has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data over long distances. Those requirements still exist today, however, the explosion of cloud services and the frustration surrounding the high cost and inflexibility of MPLS networks has forced a rethink of the enterprise WAN. Enterprises are now looking to the Internet as their WAN. This WAN transformation is referred to as the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). An SD-WAN is a virtual WAN overlay that helps enterprises flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available. By transitioning to an SD-WAN, enterprises can reduce their dependency on and expense of MPLS connectivity.

Today, with more applications offered on-demand via the Internet and the Cloud, there is a distinct need for enterprises to operate at ?Cloud speed.? To operate at this pace, the IT organization now faces a new set of challenges:

  • Improve the responsiveness and agility of the business and the network
  • Reduce costs of the network
  • Provide better support and performance for Cloud services

Join us for this executive dinner where we will dive deeper into the challenges posed by current WAN architecture, explore the concept of the SD-WAN, and develop an understanding of how enterprise IT can best position themselves for success in this new faster-paced world.



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